Sunday, March 9, 2014

It is official!

It is official!! I will no longer be using this blog. You can find all of the content from this blog, plus new content on our new family blog. Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Wahoo!!! The last of the boring vague month posts! And the last post for this blog. I am switching this blog into another, new blog. The new blog is (More on that later) Anyway... February went by really quick (probably because it's a short month ha ha) one new thing for us is that rob and I both just got new callings in our ward. I got called to be a webelows leader (which made rob laugh pretty hard, and scared me to death) and then about 2 weeks later rob got called to be the assistant scout master (ha ha, karma!) hopefully it will work with both babies, and we won't Have to have a babysitter every week. Valentines day was pretty low key. Anistyn and I made a couple of valentines and delivered them to some family that are around us (nana, grandpa, the ggs, and Brent and Katy). Anistyn and I also  decorated the door and "heart attacked " the door for Rob. Then we went and got a cupcake. It was anistyns first cupcake, and she was the cutest little valentine date. Valentines was also Brent's birthday, and we ended up going to chick fil a and getting ice cream. The next day (Saturday) I wanted to take rob to tepenyaki for dinner since he loves sushi and I don't, but like their other food, but he ended up getting sick at work, so we held off on dinner until Monday. When we finally made it, it was SUPER yummy. We also celebrated Robs moms birthday. I sure do love her, and couldn't haven't asked for a better mother in law. (I hit the jackpot in both the mom and mother in law department, meaning Anistyn hit the jackpot in the Grandma and nana department-those two adore anistyn so much!) Rob and I went to a jazz game, and took Anistyn with us. Rob got the tickets from work, and they were pretty good seats. Anistyn did really well until half time, and then I walked with her for a couple of minutes, and she fell asleep. (I don't know how she can sleep at basketball games-but it wasn't the first time) other than that, I can't really remember anything that we did. (Which is sad, because February wasn't very long ago- I blame pregnancy brain) 
While we don't encourage her eating like this... Sometimes we just can't get food to her fast enough. (It makes this mommys heart happy)
Rob was out shoveling snow and I was watching Brits kids, they loved watching him.
Anistyn LOVES to put things on her head and walk around, she thinks it's so funny!
My ward does a play group, and we had a valentines party, so Anistyn needed some valentines. I let her pick her own. Can you tell she is her daddy's daughter? She picked the baseball ones by herself. 
Anistyn loves sitting on boxes.
She has a thing with putting her leg up in the car lately.
She has also figured out how to unzip her pjs and try to take them off.... Not good.
Im loving all of her hair!
She is so good at entertaining herself sometimes!
The weather has been so nice! Anistyn and I have been enjoying some walks to get us out of the house.
Anistyn loves sitting on the stairs and having a snack.
We to ok Anistyn to the playground. She loves being outside!
Daddys girl!
Anistyn figured out how to climb on the table. Now it's a good place to watch cartoons and eat cereal. 
She has also learned to climb on my rocking chair.
Rob was explaining baseball to Anistyn. It was fun hearing all of her "wows". I love watching them together. He really is her favorite person . 


The new year brought on the realization that we were having a baby this year. When we found out about Anistyn, it was mid January, and she was due in September, so it was always the same year. Finding out about baby #2 in August, and having her due in April was totally different. It felt like it would be forever since it wasn't the same year. Now that were in the same year, it felt like it was right around the corner. I went into panic mode in January and felt like I had so much to do. (I still feel that way btw) as far as January goes, not a whole lot happened. We are still loving our house, and especially our ward. Anistyn has taken leaps and bounds in both her growing and independence. (I'll do a separate blog post on her) I've been in a huge sewing mood and thanks to my mom and sister, we made about 30 receiving blankets for both our baby, and Theresa's twins. I'm super excited for them. Anistyn still useses hers since she still has to be swaddled, so I know these blankets will get a lot of use out of them. Here are the pictures from January that I have. Enjoy! 
Anistyn loves hats and her baby dolls
Anistyn loves to look out the window and wath for daddy to get home from work
Nothing like an arm wrestle with daddy
Anistyn loves wearing my shoes, and making anything possible a purse. 
Anistyn was playing and thought her baby sister needed to play too, so she came and put her toy on my belly.
Anistyn thought her toy needed his diaper changed. It's amazing how much she learns just by watching us. She is going to be such a helpful big sister!
Anistyns started seeing a new dr in January, and despite her  6 shots , she was a great sport and loved playing with the toys in the exam room. She could even point out the elephant and owl on the carpet. Such a smarty pants.
We spent the afternoon running errands with daddy. This is what she thought of scheels....
She loves jumping in her crib. It makes her happy. 
She got this toy for Christmas from grandma, and loves it, she is getting good at her shapes because of it.
She also loves letters!